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My name is Michael Joseph Woodward, I am the founder of MJW Photography and cinematics.  Since I was a little boy I have been taking pictures and making mini-movies with anything I could get my hands on.  I would use my hand-me-down flip phone to create my little premiere films of lego characters, and match-box cars.

As I got older I would continue to film and photograph all sorts of things.  My childhood best friend and I made many movies together, and always dreamed of being professional film makers, even if we both knew that would be far from the scope of possibilities.  Today I get to live out my long sought for dream of becoming a photographer, and filmmaker, not just as a hobby, but as my full time job.

I am the Knoxville Sales Manager for a real Estate photography and marketing company called Real 3D Space, working with a team of professionals that make being in the industry a real pleasure!  My job in real estate photography and marketing has allowed me to pursue my dream of becoming a photographer and filmmaker, not only in real estate, but in weddings, portraits, and videos of all kinds.

I love Christ and the church, and I love my beautiful wife.  To Christ be all the glory for every action He has blessed me with, and for all of this I thank him, and bless His name forevermore.


About MJW Cinematics

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